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To create Civilizations among stars. We are focused on commercializing space frontier that will benefit humans by exploring and utilizing the space resources. This will be done with many determined and talented people from all disciplines of education. We will bring golden dreams to reality for humanity in visualizing cosmos and beyond. We make a promise to deliver value to all our partners.
Humanity will spread their existence among galaxies. No dreams will be left unconquered. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity will be achieved with creativity. Boundaries will cease to exists where ever mankind will step his foot on any celestial body for creating civilizations.


Terraztra Space Exploration provides a beautiful opportunity to train like a Yuri Gagarin for 14 people from anywhere in the world, selected through a worldwide process that will be released on Aug 19, 2017 dedicated for the successful return of Belka and Strelka from Space.

These 14 people will be provided flight tickets to visit moscow during June, 2018 ( period of FIFA 2018) to train like "Yuri Gagarin". They will be able to ride tanks , eat space food and off course wear space suit.

The best performer of these 14 people will have an opportunity to see the Edge of Space.

Apart from these 14 people there will be lot of space souvenirs and Drones to be won during the entire event.

Do you want to follow the footsteps of Yuri Gagarin ? Pre-registeration is free.

Pre-registration for Nepal is currently open. For other countries please check later for further updates.

Dedicated to Cosmonaut " Yuri Gagarin" achievements

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The confinement capsule is tested and is ready to study the solar eclipse event occurring on 21st August 2017.

Special Advance Systems are being developed by

Nepal Astronomical Society - NASO
Valles Marineris International Private Limited

which will be on board our Capsule and fly to stratosphere.

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Tag yourself as the next #Terranaut in the comment section and get more likes to your names in partnership with non profit organisation of Nepal Astronomical Society - NASO.

you can expect for the release of about top 500 candidates in few days !!
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Currently open only for Nepal

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